Group Classes     - Adult
                               - Kids and Teens    
      Private Classes     - one on one
                               - small group



Dru Yoga   

Adult Classes


Group Class - General       

( Max 8 students: to ensure your comfort and space )

60 mins or 75 mins duration  - check Schedule for exact times and duration

Dru Yoga to soothe, nourish and empower.


Our class begins with flowing movement to relax the body and bring calm to the mind.

We then smoothly transition to sequences and postures that are planned to assist in the release of physical tension and emotional stress while promoting strength, balance and a wonderful sense of positivity. We finish our class with a re-energising relaxation. 


Group Class - Gentle Moves  

( Max 8 students: to ensure your comfort and space )

 60 mins duration -  check Schedule for exact times


The Gentle Moves class may be best suited to those who are new to yoga, returning after injury or illness or time away from regular practice It is well suited to those who seek slow steady improvement and a gentle build to their increased strength, balance and confidence.  The Gentle Moves Class is restorative and uplifting. It may be practiced seated, standing or a well blended mix of both. We focus on improving balance and co-ordination while increasing strength, alignment and overall wellbeing. There is a strong focus on positivity, energy enhancement and relaxation of the nervous system. We aim to enjoy ourselves, celebrate our acheivements and leave class with a heightened sense of wellbeing.


We commence with

      - Flowing movement to uplift and ready ourselves for

      - Sequences & Postures, which work to enhance strength, balance and overall wellbeing, then finish with,  

      - Restorative Relaxation  


 Please call me direct 0412 114 948  for further information 


Group Class - Gentle Moves Plus 

( Max 4 students for your comfort and to ensure appropriate standard of support)

 60 mins duration -  check Schedule for exact times


Designed to be of benefit for all participants yet planned with particular attention to those who seek to improve range of movement, co-ordination, physical strength and energy levels. Those participants living with neuro muscular concerns and /or movement issues may find the emphasis of these classes to be of help. The relaxation response often brings an ease to our physical being and also to our thoughts and emotions.

Class size is small and created for enjoyment as well as challenge.


Please call me direct 0412 114 948  for further information 


Private 1:1 Class

 - Private classes may enable the student to grow in confidence and strength before making a gentle transition to group classes.

 -  For the experienced we hope to facilitate a wonderful deepening of practice

 - For those recovering from injury or illness it is a means to (re) develop confidence and strength in line with healing and recovery.  

        (A certificate from your doctor will generally be requested)

 - Your Private class will be personalised, created to meet the goals you seek to attain through yoga.   


Kids and Teens Classes

Early / Mid Primary Students:

Story based Yoga

Imaginations soar, as breath and movement are interwoven with stories of the wonder and magic of the earth and the joy of the heart


Late Primary/Early Teen Students:

Energy and mindfulness come together in a yoga practice full of fun and ever improving technique. We find that as we learn together accompanied by joy, laughter and respect, positivity builds within us and can be a gate way to further developing self confidence and support for one another. Quiet and focus is encouraged in the later part of class, building awareness of the astounding benefits of simply slowing down and learning to listen to one's  own thoughts and responses. They may take o few of these gems home with them.. 


Senior High School Students

The building of confidence, calm and positivity are integral elements of this class.  We work with posture, movement and breath with the aim of developing muscular tone, vitality and enjoyment. We so often find that along with these attributes there is enhancement of self worth, self esteem and self-compassion, vital to tackle the myriad of elements of the final school years and a great help from these days forward. Clarity of thought and focus is often a byproduct as is knowledge of techniques through which one may reduce overall tension and anxiety.



Additional Classes On Request

 - Private Small Group Adult Class

 - Zoom Adult Class

 - Corporate Yoga

 - Children's Birthday Party Yoga



Schedule      -  TERM 2 2022

Classes commence Tuesday 10th May

Please Note: Props and mats are of exceptional quality, supplied, spaced & thoroughly cleaned for your comfort and peace of mind.

Please bring your water bottle and perhaps an eye pillow if you wish to use one during relaxation.


 6:30pm  - 7:30pm                     Group Class - Generall (8)




9:15 - 10::30 am                        Group Class - Gentle  / General(4) 



9:15 - 10::30 am                        Group Class - General (8)


6:30pm - 7:30pm                        Group Class - General (8)



 9:15 - 10::30 am                       Group Class - General (8)




**KIDS classes to commence later in the year 

     please phone/ text/ email with interest


Pricing  Term1 2022

Group Classes

NB: First class free

Individual Lesson                $   26

5 class pack                     $ 110*

Concession per class          $   20

Concession 5 class Pack     $   80*


Private  Classes

Private Class 1-2 person    $ 90

Small Group 3 - 5            $ 30pp


*The five class pack will need to be used over a six week period.