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Breathe, Move, Transform

                       -My Mission
                       -Dru Yoga

Empower, energise and nurture

To provide classes that nurture the soul, soothe the mind and boost wellbeing through the practice of Dru Yoga

Empower, energise and nurture

Healing, energising and transformative.

The graceful, flowing moves, both gentle and dynamic, are firmly founded in traditional yogic teachings.

Studies show Dru Yoga offers the opportunity to enhance vitality, lift m
ood and transform negative emotion. It is recognised for improving immunity, focus and clarity of thought. It aims to disperse both anxiety and tension and encourages the developement of a wonderful inner calm.

A regular practice promotes increased strength and muscle tone assisting posture, alignment and balance.

Flexibility is certainly not a pre-requisite as it is the gift that regular practice will gently and gradually introduce to your life.  


Monica Hall, founder of YOGAMON, teaches with a joy and passion as evident as her warmth and welcoming nature. Monica has great respect for the individual requirements of each student and she honours the body, heart, mind connection.

It is with profound gratitude and respect that Monica acknowledges the compassion and care with which her learned teachers pass on their guidance and support as she continues to learn and benefit from their gifts. Just as mentors and teachers of yoga have done throughout the ages, generously giving of their knowledge it is with absolute delight that Monica now holds space for you, and others, to receive from these teachings.  

Monica is a qualified Dru Yoga Teacher, Dru Kids and Teens Yoga Teacher, and has completed the Dru Post Graduate Back Care and Wellbeing course. Monica is a Master Trainer in Fitness (Cert III and IV)  and Certified ChiBall Instructor. She is currently undertaking the Mastery of Meditation Teacher Training and has a profound interest in the benefits of mindful practice, especially for those living with nuero-muscular concerns. 




Classes are held at the GOOD Hub, Goodwood, chosen for the delightful, spacious, light filled yoga room.


Props and mats are of exceptional quality, spaced & thoroughly cleaned for your comfort and peace of mind.


Good Hub hosts "a co-working tribe of complimentary health and wellness practitioners"... "each (of us) dedicated to the wellbeing of our community."


Within the historic building you will also find METTA SOL, where good food is mindfully prepared and always delicious.


The Adelaide to Glenelg Tram stops directly across the road from Good Hub at Stop 3, 87 Goodwood Rd.